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The Huntsville Area Play Map (or The “HAPMap”) website was created to identify and visualize local and regional destinations that are of interest to small children (< age 6) and their families.

Map icons contain basic information about destinations including relevant tot-friendly features, hours of operation, and admission fees if applicable.

This site was created as a public service, and is not supported or biased by ads and sponsors, only the whims of two little boys and the availability of good information on the internet.

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life is easier this way.

While many websites and other resources contain lists of destinations that are “family-friendly” for any given city or state, it can be very time-consuming to wade through all of the available information and determine whether the Points Of Interest are geographically convenient or most appropriate for younger children including preschoolers, toddlers, and infants, versus school-age children. It can also be tricky to find “stopping points” while on the go to the beach, mountains, or anywhere in between, especially on new or unfamiliar routes. Over the years, we have had the privilege to explore much of the Southeastern US, and have compiled notes on our adventure. Here they are in graphical form.

The HAPmap website is a collection of interactive maps featuring tot-focused recreational opportunities in and around Huntsville, Alabama, ranging from downtown to North Alabama to more regional locations within a driving distance of 5 to 7 hours by car.


the nerd behind the maps.

I am a resident of Huntsville, AL, mom of two young boys, and inveterate civic volunteer. My  education and career is somewhere in the nexus of urban planning and transportation engineering and I enjoy undertaking projects that can improve the quality of life in my community and foster relationships between neighbors.

I also like to create and visualize data. I spend entirely too much time thinking about numbers, patterns, people, and geography. This site serves as both a community resource and an opportunity to improve my map-related programming and website development skills! 

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