where to play outside near home

public Parks, Trails, Playgrounds, and SprayGrounds


This map shows locations of publicly accessible FREE playgrounds throughout Madison County, as well as parks, greenways, unpaved trails, and water features.  Photos and editorial comments are provided where possible.  

Note that Elementary School playgrounds may be accessed only outside of school hours.

Terrame Playground at Hays Nature Preserve
Terrame Natural Playground at Hays Nature Preserve, Huntsville, AL



Future improvements to this map will likely include the ability to filter destinations by features such as the presence of bathrooms, picnic tables, shade trees, water features, and infant/toddler swings.  (Please be patient!)
Special thanks to the Parks and Recreation departments and local school districts of the City of Huntsville, City of Madison, and Madison County for providing facilities and information to citizens. An additional address-based GIS map of various public facilities can be found here.