Ready to Play??

 The “best of the best” local and regional tot-friendly points of interest within a 5-6 hour drive of Huntsville, Alabama are shown on this map. Each location should be able to engage and captivate a small child (under age 6) for at least 30-45 minutes. Most of the time, their older school-age siblings will like it too.



Click the “square” in the upper right corner of the map to view in full-screen. 

The button in the upper left corner will display a legend that can be used to turn various layers on and off. 

Map Locations include:

    • Excellent Local, Regional, State, and National parks
    • Cool playgrounds and spraygrounds (splash pads)
    • Nature Centers and easy trails or greenways
    • Aquariums, Zoos (both wild and petting), Animal Preserves 
    • Flagship Library Branches
    • Children’s Museums and Theaters 
    • Other interesting museums (agricultural, historic, transportation, art, music, etc) 
    • Farms and orchards open to the public
    • Amusement Parks and Waterparks 
    • Walkable downtowns and other safe, interesting, vibrant places to stroll (preferably with coffee or frozen treats)


Don’t forget to check Reciprocal Admissions programs, for free or discounted entry to many of the attractions shown on the map!


See something missing?

Have a suggestion for a destination to include on this map?? Please use the contact form, and include relevant details such as price, type of destination, or aspects of the destination you found especially great for your family.

  “Fort Kid” in downtown Knoxville, TN

  Tellus Museum in Cartersville, GA